Frequently Asked Questions

FACM overlooks the central treasury function of the FACTS entities, and to support the growth of the SME   lending operations, FACM is continuously in dialogue with funders and potential investors

Yes we are fully compliant in the markets where we operate.

FACTS’ anchor clients are small to mid-size SMEs.  Some are large enough that they also work with banks,   but for many others FACTS is the exclusive lender providing to access working capital.  We do this   within the framework of Supply Chain Finance – which is what FACTS specializes in.

FACTS is heavily biased towards Food and Agriculture value chains.  However, Healthcare is a rapidly   growing sector within our client portfolio, and we also service increasing numbers of companies that are   active in manufacturing or the services industry.

In Kenya and Uganda – with the FACM holding located in the Netherlands.

In a variety of ways.  We have used money provided by shareholders, we have refinanced part of the loan   portfolio through LAH crowd funding, and we are in the process of closing funding lines with several   financial institutions in Europe.

By 2020 FACM plans to oversee FACTS’ lending operations in at least 5 countries, with a loan book that   exceeds USD 30 million.

Yes, at this point we are actively looking at Tanzania and Rwanda.

Yes we do. We have a set of impact indicators that are inspired by IRIS metrics   https://iris.thegiin.org/metrics)